The Go Micro Brewing App allows you to use Uber icon on the Brewery Detail popup to get an Uber ride directly to our destination brewery. Just tap on the Uber icon on the targeted brewery detail popup page.  This will take you directly to Uber to secure an Uber-ride to your destination brewery.  This Uber icons supports existing Uber users and new Uber users.  In each case you will need to login to Uber to complete the Uber ride request.

Brewery Detail Popup Access

Brewery Detail popup can be accessed via the “Directions” button and then use the Vicinity, Destination or Route Searches. Once the search results are displayed on your mobile device, you can view the Brewery Detail popup, by tapping on the brewery of interest. You can also access the Brewery detail popup by going to the Directions Page ===> Stores by State ===> California (Southern) and tapping on the brewery of interest, for a given city.