Push Notificaiton Services

CV Push Notification Services Increases Purchase Likelihood By 43%

Satisfy Your Customers’ Need to “Connect” with Your Microbrewery

Integrated as part of the Go Micro Brewing App, Push Notification Services allows microbreweries to facilitate “always-connected” communication between the microbreweries and their customers, via their mobile phones. By pushing upcoming specials, new beers, events, etc., microbreweries can keep their customers “always-connected” and “always informed”, increasing sales for their microbreweries.

CV Push Notification Services allows your microbrewery to fully access your mobile customer base. With over 90% of consumers looking at their phones over 300 times a day, Push Notification Services targets these same mobile customers’ need to stay “connected” to your microbrewery. Recent mobile push notification studies show the following statistics:

Push Notifications vs. Email:

• 99% of text messages are opened; only 20% of email messages are opened
• 95% of text messages are read within 14 minutes; Only 20% of emails are viewed within 6.4 hours
• 90% of consumers carry a mobile phone, check it 300 times a day; Email is only checked 20 mins a day

Push Notifications:

• Results in a 540% increase in daily App “opens” and usage
• Have a 3X faster response time than using traditional email services
• Find that over 70% of mobile consumers believe push notifications are highly valuable
• Have 50% higher open rates than that of emails services
• Are 30% more likely to share information with Facebook and Twitter than using email services

Push Notification Services – An Invaluable Marketing Tool for Microbreweries!

Push Notification Services is an invaluable tool for microbreweries. By facilitating “always-connected” mobile communications, customers can now secure a closer relationship to their favorite microbreweries than offered by traditional email services. So, whether it is announcement concerning an upcoming special new beer or weekly specials, by “always connecting” with their customers, microbreweries can increase the likelihood of these same customers purchasing beer by as much as 43%, making push notification services an invaluable marketing tool.